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Eating fish games

Application of this chapter to build a game character module and AI control module, and further combined application of other modules game engine has been achieved, the initial character classes to learn how to use control characters in the game, and learn how to make the role of a simple AI capabil...

String formula display

Application backgroundLearning C + + when that object orientation is cool, what want to object oriented, when students at the demand, to achieve the text formula displays a string as often see the appearance of the program, do the such a program, support addition, subtraction, multiplication and div...

A simple cylindrical light

Object opaque case, only its reflected light surface color. Reflected light by reflection, diffuse emission and specular reflection of the environment consists of three types of components. One environmental incident reflecting incident light evenly from the surrounding environment to a surface equi...

COM + Programming: using C++ ATL Visual and the actual guide

Application background COM+ Programming: A Practical Guide Using Visual C++ and ATL Pradeep TapadiyaPublisher: Prentice Hall PTR First Edition September 15, 2000 ISBN: 0-13-088674-2, 560 pagesKey Technology Maximizing COM/COM+ reuse and scalability: practical, enterprise-class s...


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