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symbian 2rd下手机振动的控制和应用,有需要的朋友可以下载

symbian 2rd phone vibration under control and applications, has a friend in need can be downloaded...

Button, the button of some Dongdong some Dongdong some Dongdong button button bu...

Button, the button of some Dongdong some Dongdong some Dongdong button button button of some Dongdong some Dongdong...


based development process, moving a mouse hook, tell you how to use Symbian under the control of the mouse, it is good. Helpful, please support the look of this site, really good!...


symbian platform can dynamically change the menu source code, suitable for beginners reference...

symbian 系统下的g.723 g.723_24实现, 本源码在 series60 sdk fp2下调试通过...

symbian system under the g.723 g.723_24 realized, The source in series60 sdk under debugging through fp2...


symbian the source Paopaolong games, cell phone games open novice learning good information...

俄罗斯方块的源码,基于symbian C++平台

Russian box source code, based on the C platform symbian...

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