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VC network video transmission

Network video transmission client C++ program, using visual C++ and compiled OPENCV 1.0...

IP domain name Analyzer

We know that the Internet is a worldwide consisting of integrated computer and communication networks in General. Even between two computers on a network and communicate with each other, they transmit packets will contain certain additional information, this additional information is actually the ad...

Ftp transfer

Ftp client and server, the full version of VC++, is a relatively simple ftp program, but the program offers a variety of interfaces, allowing readers to view a variety of complex ftp program, proceedings have been achieved in all program modules, all of the above procedures...

Completion ports

Network traffic based on a completion port framework, for server-side is very good light and fast network communication mode, you can customize the order of processing messages...

Full version of ping

Feel free to do the Ping program running with c++, MFC dialog boxes to simulate Windows ping feature is its introduction dialog box form...


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