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3D Self Navigator

size:14px;">This program is 3D Navigator with stuff training for the usage of electrical equipments in a certain transformer substation. The stuff can master all usage of equipments with walking throw the virtual indoor rooms and handling differnet equipments. I developed the project us...

WinCE Opengles under EVC4.0 English tutorial (with source code)

size:13px;text-align:-webkit-left;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;color:#333333;font-family:宋体;">The tutorial HTML format. Introduced EVC4.0, OpenGL ES use WinCE. There are many examples, and full source code. English tutorials, practice procedures....



Developed using OPEN GL based on simulation of VC++6.0 robotic arm movement program

level movement of the robotic arm showed. Compared to other real-time simulation systems such as VEGA, which no environment to install the plug-in, and efficient, real time is good, can be used for real-time control environments....

OPENGL basic program

Can achieve XYZ rotation controlled by up,down,left,right d,u respectively; this is one of the most basic framework program...

OpenGL-based research on fog, suits the beginner to learn from

This is based on openGL make up can see fog effects programs. Great for beginners study. This source is not original, but the writing is very good, hope likes the graphics image processing that students can draw on to some!...

Wavelet transform c++ platform

frequency analysis and process is the ideal tool. Its main characteristics are characteristics of the transform can be sufficiently highlighted certain aspects of the question, so the wavelet transform has been successfully applied in many fields, especially the number of Discrete Wavelet transform...

OpenGL model view matrix transformation routines

size:16px;">向量类, 向量的叉乘、点乘运算矩阵类, 矩阵类包括矩阵的相乘、转置、求逆、求行列式等功能,添加OpenGL中可用的旋转、缩放和平移等矩阵运算 可实现类似于MATLAB的矩阵运算功能形象化展示模型视图矩阵变换, 分...


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