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Raindrops are falling into the pool of OpenGL examples

size:16px;">这是在visual studio 2010环境下基于MFC下实现的 雨滴落入水池opengl实例,实例很炫哦,代码很全哦。...

C Point 3D Cloud

vc6.0 + opengl achieve the 3D points...

Examples of grid OPENGL

Application backgroundHello,everyone! In the world ,we always do something about 3D world , especially in the graphics processing. so owning an convenient 3D processing toolbox can help you do what you want.if there are the C++ langulage, you can setup the code in mex and do what you want ,you...

Small using Opengl programming Rubik's cube

    In the VC++ platform, Rubik's cube game using Opengl programming and further development and expansion....


The aim ofthe project is to show how the airshow can be implemented using computergraphics.The various functions used to implement it aresmoke(),drawSmoke(),cloud(),wings(),plane(),display(),forward()....


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