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MFC SOCKET program written

This is a SOCKET using MFC program, you can achieve the basic communication. very suitable new reference Communicate the program only on a single machine, because the IP of my server IP is the loop. Can implement multiple client programs communicate through ports to identify the client,...

TCP port scanner

Host for open ports scan LAN classes, survival recorded in tree controls form the host's IP address, open ports, MAC addresses, host names, then save it to the database, the database is SQLITE, next time feel free to scan query history records, multi-threaded scanning, but it is not very fast. With...

Screen broadcast

Using the DirectShow technology to develop audio and video live broadcast system, can be used in networked electronic classroom teaching. -Use DirectShow technology development of audio and video broadcast systems, can be used for network teaching electronic classroom....

LAN IP address scanning

Can scan IP addresses within a domain, running in the Windows operating system, can scan IP address is limited to the Windows operating system...

VC resuming of source code

VC resuming of source code, can support a local area network, 2G a data breakpoint transmission, are all good examples, can also be added directly to your own projects, either directly using!!!!...

Androw WiFi mobile phone with PC socket communications

Compressed package describes the laptop connection Sockets network programming examples, pictures and the truth, is the basis of phones and computers to control each other, each acting as a server, client, contains two major aspects of the TCP,UDP is described in detail....

ICMP VC code

Using ICMP Traceroute program, ICMP protocol is often used in the network, like the Ping command network blocked or not, this is actually work of the ICMP protocol. The program is to use ICMP messages to implement traceroute functionality....

Socket MFC communication and interface

Application backgroundMFC socket communication and interface, server socket, client, MFC space development interface,...

Chat clients

VC socket implementation of the chat room, a server and multiple clients. Multiple clients can use the server for...

Web browser

VC++ implementation of a Web browser based on http protocol and has the toolbar, browse, move forward, backward, common browser features such as Favorites ... ... ... ......


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