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Androw WiFi mobile phone with PC socket communications

Compressed package describes the laptop connection Sockets network programming examples, pictures and the truth, is the basis of phones and computers to control each other, each acting as a server, client, contains two major aspects of the TCP,UDP is described in detail....

ICMP VC code

size:14px;">用ICMP实现Traceroute程序,在网络中经常要用到ICMP协议,比如查看计算机网络通不通的Ping命令,这个实际就是ICMP协议工作的过程。该程序 就是用ICMP报文来实现路由追踪的功能。...

Chat clients

VC socket implementation of the chat room, a server and multiple clients. Multiple clients can use the server for...

VC++HTTP Download

Through the SOCKET to send a GET request, and gets the return status of the page, and download page. And include a simple test program that can download WWW.BAIDU.COM Web content...

A mini HTTP server based on windows platform

size:16px;">这是一个VS2005项目,该项目使用套接字来实现一个非常小的HTTP服务器。实际上,它只能处理一个特殊的客户端的请求。但它可以处理HTTP请求继续。你可以参考它如何程序在Windows VS2005通过网络通信软件。应该很容易在...


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