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Open source call center voice platform, currently supports three sinks, east Voice Card...

提供了导入CER格式的证书的示例代码。 可以通过此工具实现导入Cer的证书,并附带BASE64格式的数据的转换。...

CER provided the import certificate format sample code. This tool can import realize cer certificate and incidental BASE64 data format conversion....

The source provides a windows driver realize method, by calling the driver winio...

The source provides a windows driver realize method, by calling the driver winio can make your application directly to ring0-class ports and physical memory operation, together with the VC and VB with the use of examples and so on, the driver made the use of VC process, the application of Windows98/...


expression parser source code (which can be calculated various functions). Users can input the analytical expression formula. Right useful MIS...


VC++ Access system hardware information ... including the CPU, BOIS, memory, hard drives, etc., have a good reference for learning the value of...

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