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提供了导入CER格式的证书的示例代码。 可以通过此工具实现导入Cer的证书,并附带BASE64格式的数据的转换。...

CER provided the import certificate format sample code. This tool can import realize cer certificate and incidental BASE64 data format conversion....

The source provides a windows driver realize method, by calling the driver winio...

class ports and physical memory operation, together with the VC and VB with the use of examples and so on, the driver made the use of VC process, the application of Windows98/2000/xp...


assumption that the system has two named P1, P2 and the process can be carried out two input, Output operation of equipment d1, d2. 2 process from two equipment of any one input data, and can assure them in any one piece of equipment output data. C. preparation procedures, the operating system simul...


virtual memory, the use vc++ for the virtual memory management, the procedure is vc development Daquan inside the source code, can be a friend to learn a detailed explanation. Xi Road friend here can be downloaded to look at....

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