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Video vehicle detection

This program can be a vehicle through three lane detection, counting. Background modeling using background subtraction, the effect is very good, the program comes with a test video, if you want to use this program, just slightly alter some parameters....

Windows screen capture technology of religion

Application backgroundWindows desktop sharing some common screenshots of the technology of Windows desktop sharing some common screen technologyKey TechnologyWe can see the windows system never a general screenshots technique can efficiently capture all system (XP / win7 / win8).A large part of the...

CListCtrl redraw

* Class name: CMyListCtrl:public CListCtrl * Class description: CMyListCtrl class is inherited from the CListCtrl class, redraw the CListCtrl class and the expansion of new features * Feature: you can set the row height of the list size * You can set the size column header row heig...

6878 source 3D chess game

This game is suitable for running the Fox network platform, including animation, algorithms, network information processing for information acquisition, 6878-source 3D chess game...

Complete serial communication procedure (send and receive) Vc++ source code

A more complete source code for serial communication program Vc++ believe you will certainly learn a lot!...

VC + play airplane games

A play written in VC the aircraft's game. University engineering practice is doing small projects. Study for VC games have helped....

MFC games management information system), ODBC

Visual Studio 2010 database information management system written in MFC, use RIBBON controls, when we write something, it is quite standard, beginners can take a look....

OCX events, methods and properties

Call center clients use ocx, integration events, methods, properties, and parameters passed when the event, method of calling functions such as call center learning rare ocx source code....

A 2D Packing Problem by Genetic algorithm

This is the program for the GECCO 2008 contest utilizing the genetic algorithm. This  GECCO 2008 contest problem is a 2D variation of bin packing problems, which requires new ways to evolve with a 2D chromosome. The goal is to best pack a grid to maximize the sum of scores where every uniq...


GDI + programming source code library, includes all aspects of GDI + programming examples compile under VC 6 success...

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