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Based on single-chip microcomputer realization of fully automatic washing machine functions

Based on 51 single-chip computer in each functional module simulation realization of embedded automatic washing machine, including a display module and keyboard input module and the control module. Using assembly language programming, the source code is clear, concise and easy to get started soon....

Use Mapi to access mail server for Microsoft Exchange

Use horses to access Microsoft Exchange mail server, such as how to use MAPI to access a Microsoft Exchange mail server...

Simple Serial -

Simple serial develop routines very simple for beginners! Using VC ++ 6.0 MSCOMM control, use the MFC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Notification in dialogs

Different ways to communicate between dialogs. Using dialog variables and sending message to the other dialogs....

The application of MFC

size: 14px; line-height: 21px; color: rgb(43, 43, 43); font-family: arial, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">Developing a powerful and easy operation of Windows application code needed would be far more than the average c + + programs, but not all of the code needs to be written fro...

Timed shutdown procedure

This is a small, regular shutdown procedures, click on the hide can be returned by using the shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+G front desk. In the formula box, enter the number of minutes, press the timer button to achieve regular shutdown...

program to work with dialogs

Program using visual C++ 6.0 and windows for testing of dialogs.This program use a menu to access a dialog loading  values on Edit boxes.It is also showing How you can add these values....

Timed shutdown restart logoff software

It is written in VC + +, a small piece of software, you can implement regular shutdown, restart, logoff function, users can choose to shut down immediately or scheduled shutdown, the remaining time is displayed in seconds, the code simple, clear, suitable for beginners, powerful, easy to operate....


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