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Genetic Algorithm VC program: used to search for extremal, maximum value of the minimum can be...

目标:手工选择视频图像上的待跟踪目标;利用块匹配的方法估计目标区域在下一帧图像中的位置;循环这个过程直到目标从图像帧中消失。 技术:avi视频流的帧读取;图...

objectives : manually select video images on the question target tracking; Use block matching methods for estimating the target region in the next frame image position; Until this process cycle from the goal frame images disappear. Technology : avi video streaming reading frame; Image frame storage...

ollydbg反汇编器1.09c 部分源代码,没有图形界面

ollydbg anti assembler source code 1.09c part, there is no graphical interface...

WOW 服务模拟端 支持2.4.3版本 来自开源的ASCENT 自己REPACK

WOW simulated client support services from the open source 2.4.3 version of ASCENT own repack...

Design of automatic lifting system based on single-chip microcomputer


A video from avi extract single frame image data of the examples, I make the fir

A video from avi extract single frame image data of the examples, I make the first time, those interested can contact to discuss....

设计要求: 出于不同目的的旅客对交通工具有不同的要求.例如,因公出差的旅客希望在旅途中的时间尽可能短,出门旅游的游客则期望旅费尽可能省,而老年旅客则要求中...

design requirements : For different purposes to transport passengers have different requirements. For example, on official business travelers in the journey time as short as possible away tourists expect possible travel provinces, and elderly passengers asked the least number of transit. establishme...


Lattice, there are a variety of dot matrix, 8* 8,16* 16,8 words flow, 16* 64 dot matrix control...


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