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Windows下通过WinIO驱动,通过SMBUS读取内存的SPD信息。目前支持Intel ICHx / ATI SB400,600 / SIS692 /nFo...

Windows driver through WinIO through SMbus read the SPD memory information. Currently supports the Intel ICHx/ATI SB400, 600/SIS692/nForce CK804/VIA xxx Series South Bridge....

Chinese Mahjong Game source, are used C++ Of Writing, in the hope that everyone...

Chinese Mahjong Game source, are used C++ Of Writing, in the hope that everyone has to help...

3D printer Marlin

Application backgroundThe leading developers of marlin are currently (January 2015) EvdZ and bkubicek, a firmware though many others contribute with their patches. this is for a variety of 3D single-processor electronics setups. it also works on the ultimaker PCB. It supports printingpaper from SD c...

Intelligent home based on STM32 under the source code

Application background    smart home is a residential, home appliances and home appliances as the main control object, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video...


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