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smart ant algorithm

smart ant algorithm-- ant colony algorithm improvements for VRP for TSP...


The use of C# Development of small-scale hotel management system, using three-tier architecture+ Realize abstract factory. Can choose two types of Access or SQLServer database, features small, but in order to embody the advantages of using design patterns. Write bad hope everyone understanding. (sou...

一个函数,输入n为偶数时,调用函数求1/2+1/4+...+1/n,当输入n为奇数时,调用函数    1/1+1/3+...+1/n(利用指针函数)...

a function, even for the importation of n, the function call for 1/2 1/4 ... 1/n, when n is odd input, the function call 1/1 1/3 ... 1/n (using function pointer)...


C# produced by a simple process, concrete realization as follows : friendly man-machine interface of a simple example...


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