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LibTomCrypt是一个全面的、可扩展的密码学函数库。包括了各类主要的加密函数,单向摘要函数,伪随机数生成器,公钥加密函数。 你可以在这里下载到源文件及...

LibTomCrypt is a comprehensive, scalable cryptography libraries. Including the major types of encryption function, the one-way function summary, the pseudo-random number generator, public key encryption function. You can download the source of the document and its Note : http :// in C www.libtomcryp...

Check Act cycle CRC5 code generation, data checking, data error correction code...

Check Act cycle CRC5 code generation, data checking, data error correction code such as function...

使用C编写的DES, DESX, DES3(三层DES) 的加密算法, 本程序演示如何在Delphi中进行调用C编写的算法 DES 密匙长度 8 DESX 密匙...

C prepared by the use of DES, DESX, DES3 (three-DES) encryption algorithm, the program demonstrates how to call in Delphi in the preparation of the algorithm C key length DES key 8 DESX length 16 DES3 key length 24 (high strength encryption a lot)...

1.1b encryption algorithm storehouse c

1.1b加密算法库c++ -hashish-1.1b encryption algorithm storehouse c...


C++, the international fashion free encryption software, OPENSSL- ENGINE0.96 FOSS...


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