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C++builder drawing program

Application backgroundUsing c++Builder 6 to achieve similar accessories in the drawing of a simple drawing program, the use of the program, you can complete several different brush between the switch, to achieve the drawing.Key TechnologyThrough Timage component updates automatically graphics refres...

C++ Builder developing OPC client

Developing OPC client using C++ Builder realization of communication between PLC and PC, PC monitor and modify data PLC...

Gobang procedure source code

A nice Gobang procedure source code, and has a nice interface and is very easy to use, and a lot of fun....

IE8.0 button to add

Application backgroundSometimes, we need to add our own event in the menu bar of IE, or other navigation bar, to add our own buttons, etc..Disadvantages: it is not resolved, increase the control after the landscaping, such as: and IE background styleKey TechnologyUse a few API function, the main ide...

Interface pattern demo source code

Application backgroundC++builder 6 development of a small program, suitable for use, the Form on the use of the source coordinates set the pattern, and then modify the color, into the desired pattern.Key TechnologyBuilder c++ 6   development of the advantages of the interface, design an image....

C++builder development animation interface

Application background1 when the form is opened, there is a flying saucer running from the top of the form to the lower right;2 move to the right of the slider   can adjust the vertical speed of animation3 the slider can adjust the horizontal speed of animation.Key TechnologyControl the speed o...

C++builder design mouse game

Application backgroundUsing builder c++ 6 event message to complete the mouse click on the message, to complete the game's comprehensive example, in which the comprehensive learning of the operation of the mouse and the use of various components.Key TechnologyThrough the determination of the mouse p...

StringGrid cell to join the button and enter the length limit

Application backgroundStringGrid control usage:1, StringGrid cell to join the button, and the trigger button event, the event description2. The StringGrid input length is limited to the specified length.In 3, StringGrid, if there are any content in the cell, the cursor keys are not allowed to jump t...

C++Builder VG_DX_Scene common control usage

Application backgroundC++Builder VG_DX_Scene common control usageDXScene is Delphi and Builder C++ based on the 3D DirectX library. The basic characteristics: see that the design of the design and property editor, fully supports 3D changes, animation, and built a set of building graphics library, su...

C++ Builder6 dialog component application routines

A simple c ++ builder6 file dialog interface handling routines, all of the components used in the dialog, and to improve entry and good help....


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