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采用C++ Builder开发的GPS接收程序,串口采用SPCOMM控件,能够从接收的数据中读取时间、经纬度。...

with C Builder development of the GPS receiver procedures used SPCOMM Serial control, to receive data from the reading time, longitude and latitude....

LAN communications, c++, with detailed server and client communication source, a

LAN communications, c++, with detailed server and client communication source, and containing Principle...

功能描述:FileManager用于对射频读卡器的数据更新和文件管理,操作界面仿照Windows的文件管理。通讯采用串口通讯,波特率为115200。 开发环...

Functional Description: FileManager RF card reader for data update and document management, user interface modeled on the Windows file management. Communications using serial communications, baud rate to 115200. Development Environment: C++ Builder 6.0 used in the control: TComm, ExpressNavBar Suite...


Functional Description: The program used to display ECG acquisition circuit to the ECG acquisition, communications using serial communication, real-time chart shows the received signal, but also has a database function, can be preserved for each received data, using in the playback data. Development...


USB external control ports, such as procedures to demonstrate remote control car, right camera control is the use of VFW.lib the BCB source code, Kind can hope to gain something....

Spread Spectrum Communication. The first book on spread

Spread Spectrum Communication. The first book on spread-spectrum systems is RCDixon monograph published in 1976, is an IEEE patent, published in 1977. In 1978 in Kyoto, Japan, an international wireless communications Advisory Committee published research results. 1982 in the United States held its f...

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