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BCB image compression

Under Borland C++ Builder to write an implementation of image compression functionality. Converts images to JPEG first, and then use the TJPEGImage class the Compress function. Image compression, and modify the dimensions of the image....

Shared memory forBCB practical code

Very practical Shared memory code, divided into client and server devote himself to create file list as follows:2013-09-19  08:46             4,076 Client.bpr2013-09-19  08:34               929 Client.cpp2013-09-19  09...


this one calculator i ve made in c builder will help you with any operations. Such as like +/-/*. Thank you for using my calculator/...

Oxid Reduc

vksdcewgh kjdgkjv kjsgvckdsj kjasgvckjas casjgvjkas jasgckjas vjagsvkj ascjgaskjv sa,mvgsjagv sajvgasogva sjvgsjav salgvkajs vasljgvajskv as,vbkjasbv aslvgasv asvbasjvbjbsa,m v,masgvlasv,m as,vjgasbva vms,abvlajv aslkavshisalh sa vasvjvas vljagsvljsabljva l...

BCB resource manager features

Simple Explorer developed using BCB primarily to new BCB use help...

Use SetupDi... Function to enumerate equipment

Application backgroundUse SetupDiGetClassDevs to list devices, access to device information through the SP_DEVINFO_DATA structure and SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo. SetupDiGetClassDevs is to get the category interface, and then get more interface information through SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail.Key Techn...


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