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VB+access preparation of dormitory management system

Writing your own dormitory management system, delete the lookup functions such as registered foreign workers, making them suitable for design graduates...

Under a XWindow labyrinth game, had demonstrated under the XWindow event process

Under a XWindow labyrinth game, had demonstrated under the XWindow event processes, programming method and so on the painting...

黄金海岸线 电子邮件系统 支持内嵌入微软IIS(Internet Information Server)内的Web下系统管理以及通过浏览器收、发电子邮件等功能。...

gold coastline e-mail system to support the embedded Microsoft IIS (Internet Inform ation Server) Web under the management of the system through the browser admission, e-mail and other functions. Gold coastline e-mail system components can be fully integrated into the dynamic pages Asp, You can make...


After several months of design and development, computer library management system completed the basic development. Its functions in line with the demand for entry to complete the book, borrow, query, statistics, user management. And to provide some system maintenance functions, allowing administrat...


QuickMacro hook script background, allowing users to define themselves more open-hook...

Excel-VBA into non-phonetic Pinyin and Chinese characters first letter

Application backgroundChinese excel-VBA into phonetic Pinyin and capitalized, and can modify the character center spaces, no space, the size of the write freely convert...


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