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New single chip microcomputer network switch

1, first put the controller is powered up, or switch or directly connected to the router and the computer connection2, installation package in the "PC software" directory under the "single network control. exe"3, run the desktop's "intelligent network control switch tool&quo...

High school course selection system

Add school-courses in the elective system, when you add a course you can restrict number of courses. Background can change everything including student information, course information, and teacher information. Database encrypted with the MD5 algorithm, admin admin password 12345...

Net message this, this procedure uses VB.Net and the SQL database develops

Net message this, this procedure uses VB.Net and the SQL database develops...


circuit document for the development of instrumentation PC software, or instrumentation circuitry....


as a birdie, to introduce a version of rumors, I will support you, and rumors version of the function and what you experience the following...

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