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Calculate and Draw Moon Phase

height:1.5;">Buttoncontrol (btnClose) PictureBoxcontrol (PicMoon) Labelcontrol (lblAge) About the CodeConvert date to Julian date:private int JulianDate(int d, int m, int y) { int mm, yy; int k1, k2, k3; int j; yy = y - (int)((12 - m) / 10); mm = m + 9; if (mm >= 12) {...

GPRS module control

GPRS module control automatic adjusting parameters for tracking, control more accurate course and lots of debugging for automotive engineering, electrical controls and other...

New single chip microcomputer network switch

click Find IP address5, and click "connection equipment" button, if connection success, can for control, if connection failed, please check local IP address whether and controller IP in same network segment, if is not same network segment, please entered "network configuration" o...

High school course selection system

courses in the elective system, when you add a course you can restrict number of courses. Background can change everything including student information, course information, and teacher information. Database encrypted with the MD5 algorithm, admin admin password 12345...

VB+access preparation of dormitory management system


Under a XWindow labyrinth game, had demonstrated under the XWindow event process

Under a XWindow labyrinth game, had demonstrated under the XWindow event processes, programming method and so on the painting...

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