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STM32 OrCAD library

This is a well containing stm32 including schematics produced some common libraries can be imported directly into orcad use, and can be modified, contains all the current stuff pcb common...

Source codes of [ARM System Developer's Guide]

The [ARM System Developer's Guide] is an arm classic material, however this book Appendix source code download link has expired. Now that I finally found the code....

8051 Controlled LM34D Thermometer with LCD Output Using Assembly

I chose to use the 8051 microcontroller trainer board with an onboard LM34D temperature sensor and onboard 0804 ADC converter to then write code with hopes of creating a thermometer. This thermometer would then output the temperature to the 7-segment displays on the board, the serial port for co...

1)设定字节型变量VAR1的内容为35H,编写程序将VAR1的高4位与低4位分离,分别作为低4位保存在RES1和RES2中,这两个变量高4位置0。 2...

1) Set the contents of byte variable VAR1 is 35H, the preparation of the program will VAR1 high 4 and low 4 separation, respectively, as a low 4 bits stored in RES1 and RES2, this high-4 position of the two variables 0.2 ) to set the 32-bit (binary) data 0E2597455H (Note: The highest level of E) sto...


;************************************************************************************************ DRIVER_WS2801: ; STAR FOR WS2801 WAIT 500US ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CLK_SET_LOW500US: cbi PORTB,WS2801_CLK LDI TEMPA,10 LOOP_WAIT_500US:...

PIC 16F628+L6219 stepper control in microstep mode

My project in MPLAb of stepper control based on PIC 16F628 microcontroller and steper driver L6219. Can work in microstepping mode. ...

PIC decoding EV1527 instance

Application backgroundEV1527 decoding process: microcontroller PIC16F630, internal 4MHz, EV1527 emission frequency 433MHz, the oscillation resistor 270K, remote control power supply voltage DC12V, the cycle is 1.2ms.On the 3S clock by the start button, the program to learn the remote control identif...


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