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STM32 OrCAD library

This is a well containing stm32 including schematics produced some common libraries can be imported directly into orcad use, and can be modified, contains all the current stuff pcb common...

用51单片机控制温湿传感器dht11的程序 汇编语言编写

With 51 single-chip microcomputer to control the process temperature and humidity sensors dht11 the preparation of assembly language...


Singlechip atmega8 developed MP3 player, effects and sound quality is very good, including the hardware circuit, pictures, procedures, including a full set of information!...


14A(DRE)提供的高性能数字音频信号处理能力,可实现紧凑的,易用 的,高质量的混响效果解决方案-bd3201-14A (DRE) provides high-performance digital audio signal processing capabilities, enabling compact, easy to use, high-quality reverb solution...


size:14px;">Cccam_2.3.0 all the files including the profile model dm800 dm500 and PC platforms...

1)设定字节型变量VAR1的内容为35H,编写程序将VAR1的高4位与低4位分离,分别作为低4位保存在RES1和RES2中,这两个变量高4位置0。 2...

4 position of the two variables 0.2 ) to set the 32-bit (binary) data 0E2597455H (Note: The highest level of E) stored in the variable VAR2 in the contents of the variable arithmetic left two, the result is still stored in the VAR2 in the...

Source codes of [ARM System Developer's Guide]

The [ARM System Developer's Guide] is an arm classic material, however this book Appendix source code download link has expired. Now that I finally found the code....

8051 Controlled LM34D Thermometer with LCD Output Using Assembly

height:150%;"> 我选择使用 8051 微控制器教练董事会与板载 LM34D 温度传感器和板载 0804 ADC 转换器,然后编写代码以创建一个温度计的希望。此温度计然后将输出到 7 段显示关于审计委员会、 为使用计算机的串行端口和液晶屏的温...


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