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bd3201-14A (DRE) provides high-performance digital audio signal processing capabilities, enabling compact, easy to use, high-quality reverb solution...

Calculator using 8085 assembly

Use the 7-seg LED display on-board (Address & Data fields) to display the Hours: Minutes: Seconds in decimal. This will mean you have a real-time clock running on the board. Also provide the following extra features (for incentive marks!!): (a) A timer facility (Provide Start and S...

Radio source code, functional module

Application backgroundWalkie talkie practical product source code can be used directly to the products, I was engaged in years of interphone development, has developed a variety of software radio, this is one of them. Due to the lapse of many years and is now used to share, hope can be useful to eve...

Based on single

Based on single-chip stepper motor control positive, deceleration and acceleration of the source code...


assembly language acquisition chip AD7711 temperature of the source, please enlighten...


using assembly language to achieve the three-byte and 2 gigabytes of data multiplication subroutine, debugging, use can be called directly...


children will be playing the game Need for Speed small. Assembler. Members of the original compilation of learning some help....


infrared remote control decoder, the program will infrared remote control and using the infrared decoding, and out through the LCD display...

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