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;************************************************************************************************ DRIVER_WS2801: ; STAR FOR WS2801 WAIT 500US ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CLK_SET_LOW500US: cbi PORTB,WS2801_CLK LDI TEMPA,10 LOOP_WAIT_500US:...

Software based on SN8P2711A three-in-one mobile power source code

Software based on SN8P2711A three-in-one mobile power source code, including the battery indicator, charge management, boost, overcharge protection....

Video drivers

(1) to transplant the Mjpg-streamer initialize the camera capture image and save (2) initialize the Web server, such as creating a thread mutexes and condition variables, create a socket, bind end ports, listening, waiting to receive the client connection requests. (3) when reque...

Automotive PKE system

Based on low-frequency wakeup technology...

Interface LC-Display Hitachi HD77480 (16x2) with PIC16F877

Interface LC-Display Hitachi HD77480 (16x2) with PIC16F877. Function for 8 and 4 bits, and function to generate character....

51 the SPI communication

Own 51 and ISD4004 communications code, hope useful to everyone, made 51 and ISD4004 communications code, I hope useful for all...

It has small change character is uppercase another file and Emu8086 file

Application background 1)      Write a program that will copy a source text file into destination file, and replace each lower case letter by a capital letter. Use the DOS TYPE command to display the source and destination files. Key TechnologyEmulator 8086, Assembly, F...

How to use RS232 to USB I/F in a MCU

This is a demo code example. It use HT82M99E to do the RS232 to USB interface. Thgis is a quite basic example code , can be for any MCU which with USB interface....

Real time capture software PC I/O IOMON3

Application backgroundIn order to develop the software for industrial control PC, the input and output of the bus should be recorded and analyzed in real time. This can be used to complete the hardware, but more trouble, can also be used in a DOS resident program.Key TechnologyUsing the 386 protecti...


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