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MCS-51 single-chip floating point library

space:nowrap;">;------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ;* 标题:MCS-51单片机浮点子程序库  ;* 描述:  ;* 以下浮点数格式与标准的IEEE浮点数格式不尽相同,是IEEE-754标准的变异型,称作为IEEE-754_2型。&n...

8051 GCD code

This is the GCD code for a 8051 microcontroller . the program is written in a assembly level language  it will also helps to learn ASM level language of 8051...

hex for pic18f

left:42.55pt;text-indent:-42.55pt;"> 设备: 1) PC 或便携式计算机与 MPLAB IDE 安装。 理论: 请参考书籍章 2: PIC 单片机和嵌入式系统: 使用程序集和 C 的 PIC 18。穆罕默德 · 阿里 · 齐迪...

About pic10f220 lighting program

10F220, a lighting procedures, the key is to understand the statements in its use. Six pin of the microcontroller, how to through the datasheet to see the inside of the program and accessories should 10F220, wrong written 16F220 you will forgive me....

Assembly language basic programs

family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;line-height:normal;text-align:justify;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;font-size:14px;">汇编语言是一台计算机或其他特定于特定的计算机体系结构与最高级别的编程语言,都是一般便携式跨多个系统的可编程器件...

Stepper motor driver

smooth motor driver for unipolar stepper motors using pic 16f628 or 16f84a, it has microstepping cablity 16th and 8th microstepping , it can drive stpeer motors up to 2A ....


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