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Blinking led program

left:.75in;text-indent:-.25in;"> 1) PC 或便携式计算机与 MPLAB IDE 和 Proteus Isis 安装。 2) 理论: Proteus 是微处理器仿真、 原理图捕获和印刷电路板 (PCB) 的设计的软件。它是由 Labcenter 电子产品开发。...

lcd 1602 interface

space:nowrap;">SW S10 设置了第四位,其他软件关闭,跳转的 J14 所有连接。 ; 调整为光 ponemeter。 ; * * * 界定的登记册 * * * #include < > 请参见 _DEBUG_OFF & _CP_ALL & _WRT_HALF & _CPD_ON & _LVP_OFF & _BODEN_OFF & _P...

51 microcontroller development-led light blinking 200ms

Development Board led light flashing every 200ms, using assembly language development, development tools for KeiluVision3....

AVR universal delay programmes

space:nowrap;">General delay procedures for the AVR is Assembly source code. Welcome to download and trial.  Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...

Pic as a logic gate - No function

size:14px;">这是在 pic16f84a 大会我所写的代码样本。它只是一个基本例子如何使 pic 微控制器作为逻辑门的行为。...

Smart210, press the interrupt, the driver

Embedded Development Board smart210 key interrupt the program, perform bare metal button int using assembly language. For subsequent transplantation uboot did well on the smart210 basis and realization of serial console control functions.   Code is written mainly by reading uboot chip manuals a...

PIC16F690 9 channel DMX dimmer

This is my own code for pic16f690 microcontroller. The device is a 9 channel DMX LED dimmer.It supports DMX 512 lighting protocolIt can dimm LEDs with PWM.Device has 4 working modes: 1 DMX channel, 3 channels, 9 DMX channels per device and test mode.DMX channel of the board is set by the onboard dip...


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