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Adjustable clock

Using single-chip microcomputer realization of a clock, this clock includes for years, months, days, since it added switches and modified function, when you press the button on top of the single chip microcomputer when the microcontroller the display jumps above, when you press another button, you c...

pstn billing displayer using microcontroller

this code will detect dtmf signal from keypad of pstn and will calculate every conversation and will be accumulated for a month. the accumulation will be displayed on matrix lcd 2x16...

electronic safe

electronic safeOpen Mode:In this mode the safe is open so your program should allow the user to set the code and lock it closed.Closed Mode:stay in Closed mode....

eletronic dice

this project is very good for the beginners and this project involve multisim   software where micro controller based  schematic can be done and using keil code to be executed to generate hex file and then importing this hex file in to the multisim tool to run and u can see the simulation...

Experimental regimes, and dynamic display

Computer system structure test, lantern experiment and dynamic cycle showstudent ID...


the mcp3202 12bit adc read program written in assembly code for at89c2051...

Our project implement the full chat by UART and every step in code has a comment to explian it clearly

Our project implemenUART t the full chat by UART and every step in code has a comment to explian it clearly...

Trafic Light Controller using Protues 8.0

the code is designed to light traffic lights consequently.state==0 is Green and Red.state==1 is Amber and Red/Amberstate==3 is Red   and Greenstate==4 is Red/Amber and Amber....

clock genereator

This 8051 based code for Generation Clock from Poirts pins. This square wave signal can be used for driving coil in H Bridge....

BCD Arithmetics

;* DESCRIPTION;* This Application Note lists subroutines for the following Binary Coded;* Decimal arithmetic applications:;*;* Binary 16 to BCD Conversion (special considerations for AT90Sxx0x);* Binary 8 to BCD Conversion;* BCD to Binary 16 Conversion;* BCD to Binary 8 Conversion;* 2-Digit BCD Addi...


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