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shown that current use of windows type win 31, win32, win 95, win98, win me, nt...

shown that current use of windows type win 31, win32, win 95, win98, win me, nt win, win 2000 and win xp or Win2003...


operating system API function testing is now almost all types of programmers are used to expand programming interface (API) to access the operating system information. Using AIP function, we need not concern the current operating system used by the specific situation...


windows error code interpreter. This tool is used to write the Win32asm windows error code translation tool. Asm2 fringe of the source files, to study the win32asm may wish to look at....


not important, as much as 3,389, with 3,389 acquire programming services PID....

Contains assembly language programming intel supporting a compressed CD

ROM package, which has some examples of source code, as well as the installation files MASM...

快速关闭计算机程序源代码 是用汇编语言 不提示保存

Rapid closure of a computer program source code is the assembly language is not prompted to save...


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