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Small ASP warehouse management system

Small ASP warehouse management systems, compact, convenient and practical. Includes storage, library, company level can be set independently. Grading. And no loopholes. A good choice for firms...

New generation OA office system

left:21.25pt;text-indent:-21.25pt;"> 1. OA网络办公系统 1.1. 信息中心: 1.1.1. 栏目管理->增加、删除、修改信息发布时所属栏目; 1.1.2. 信息发布->发布首页显示信息、红头文件、群邮件、群短信...

Enterprise ERP management system based on ASP


Reimbursement Management System

A very good claims management system, can be used as work submitted by students. 1, reimbursement login information, including the person's name (name of the person can fill in personal number, you can enter the name), the department name (you can fill in the department number, department name, depa...

ASP. NET online reservation system

size:16px;">功能:1、网站管理2、美食管理主要包括查询美食、增加美食3、用户管理主要包括添加管理员、查询管理员、会员4、订单管理主要包括了查询订单的功能以及没有付款的订单 5、用户可以登陆查询美食进行订购、加...

Enterprise invoicing management system ASP source invoicing WEB SQL Edition online + videos

height:1.5;">充分利用财务管理、进销存和企业电子商务系统, 整个系统主要由入库模块, 销售模块, 库存管理模块, 统计模块, 会员模块及帐务管理系统构成. 这些模块基本涵盖了各类企业对进销存管理软件的要求. 运行效率, 负载能...

The lost systems

ASP lost and found system, generous system, program files are very small, Access database, divided into subject plate and looking plate, login may publish information, browsing does not require registration, user login Panel features directly to each other little notes....


family:Verdana, Arial, sans-serif, 'Times New Roman', 宋体;line-height:22px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">员工绩效考核系统   (2 folders, 39 files, 120.28 KB, 2.34 MB in total.) AssemblyInfo.cs 2.07 KB default.aspx 1.89 KB default.aspx.cs 2.36...

Student job submission and grading system


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