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Enterprise ERP management system based on ASP

A ASP+ACC based development and ERP enterprise management system, can satisfy small and medium enterprises and the integration of production = sales, procurement, financial management software, convenient for Office! Program upload directly to use!...

网络求职招聘人才网站系统正式版(源码),MS SQL数据库,附安装视频,无功能限制完全版...

Job recruitment Web site an official version of the system (source), MS SQL database, with the installation of video, full version without functional limitation...


Baotou railway engineering school asset management system, asp+ access...

SMS cat ASP development samples

<% ' Using the controls in the ASP considerations '1, alasunsmscon.ocx this to set the correct file permissions, setting "IUSR_ machine name" this user has execute permissions, otherwise it will complain "Server.CreateObject Access error". ' After the permissions have been set, need to restart...

CRM customer management system

Development environment for VS2008, c # programming language, database to SQL Server 2008. Include messaging, customer information management, follow-up, implementation and other functions....

Team management system

The aim of this project is toefficiently manage the teams and other information regarding the season’splayoff, providing easy access to get maximum details. There is lots of sporting extravaganza going on like nfl, ipl, world cups etc. The roster management system intends to to exploit t...

ASP queries, with the background, you can bulk import data

ASP query program, backstage management, background to bulk import data, enter data, view data, data management, data management, system initialization, and database compression function is a function of score inquiry system is relatively simple....

ASP student achievement management system based on WEB

Student achievement management system this paper describes the realization of+ACCESS database is used, has the characteristics of remote management,query. Mainly introduces the student achievement management system implementation process: including system...

ASP online test system Access

ASP source online exam, suitable for Web design, programming exercises, the system uses Access database. When IIS is configured to run. Can also download debugging tools to debug the ASP dynamic website to facilitate change, and debugging....

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