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Enterprise internal management system

Enterprise internal management system,  this is a set of very good enterprise OA system source code....

And real estate

And real estate-related activities, including the Buy, sell, lease,求租, business tracking, information synchronization, store information, online resources, contract management, mortgage, etc....


Medium-sized enterprises Invoicing management software to better manage enterprise...

apriori algorithm in asp

this is a web service asp to use apriori algorithm and used to derive the association rules in which we can use in many market basket analysis,banks and etc,also they are very important in data mining and its respective sectors...

Insert, Delete, Update in Grid View using ASP.NET

Insert, Delete, Update in Grid View using ASP.NET1.As we don't want to use datasource controls. Please delete "Object Data Source1" control from the webform.2. Delete Data Source ID="Object Data ource1" from Grid View1. This should remove the dependency of Grid VIew1 on Object Da...

Chinese chess pages

A Web version of the chess system, suitable for PC port, mobile ... Intermediate and junior play, easy to use....

Shopping mall tomorrow

Application backgroundFirst, the source code         ; shopping website, online store, background managementTwo, function introduction         ; the source is an online shopping mall source, online shopping mall is composed of two parts of the front...

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