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ASP. NET online reservation system

Features: 1, site management2, culinary managementInclude query food, increased food3, user managementIncludes add Manager, query Manager, Member4, order managementMainly including the ability to check your order and no payment orders5, users can visit the ordered query cuisine, add to cart, and amo...

Large NET micro channel mall source code

Application background  most of the micro channel platform PHP source code, this is a rare NET source code, you can quickly deploy their prestige platform, can be suitable for multi users to use the micro channel platform,Can and line OA, silver system, or ERP system docking  Key Technolog...


forum system adopts the Asp. Net (C#) Implementation...

Warehouse management software

Application backgroundA warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. WMS programs enable centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations. WMS systems may be standalone applications or part of...

Schedule management system

Application backgroundThis product adopts language, database using sqlserver, front desk by the Ajax, excellent jQuery framework, under the prerequisite to meet the functional and performance and make the operator feel convenient and quick. At present, the system has been successfully use...

ASP. NET movie player website design includes a video presentation

Streaming video site with ASP.NET implementation, deployment that contains the project's video tutorial for easy learning. This is not my original share to everyone....

Set sail enterprise website management system

Application backgroundSet sail site management system is for the enterprise to build a marketing oriented website management system, using ASP.NET kernel, background management functions, the site is running fast, the total station static pages, a high site security, support for the search engine is...

used Asp. Net c# prepared by the Member system source code

used Asp. Net c# prepared by the Member system source code...

task mangement

This is a web application by which any organization can manage tasks among its employees. This project has various small parts like commenting on task, upload and download files, task forwarding, editing existing and creating new project, task, employee, user and clients etc and crystal reports.This...

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