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Student Management System Project in Asp.Net

Student Management System (SmS) is a web-based application for students, faculty, academic staff and parents who want to get and retrieve student’s whole information instantly via internet. The major benefit of this web portal is to store the students information at one place (like SERVER) and...

Free order management system

Application backgroundFree order management system applied to computer PC monitor, mobile phone screen, will be your best choice for electronic commerce and micro business, the future mobile terminal HTML5 function to continue to develop, in the near future will be with you.Key TechnologyFree order...

Classic blue background management system HTML templates

Very nice blue style of information management system for HTML templates, landing page background with thin clouds float, do not need to fill in your user name and password, click on the "login" button, you can enter the backend and UI design background is very beautiful, is commonly used...

Online examination system

Program description:(1) the operation is simple and convenient, interface is simple and beautiful.(2) in real time, regardless of where registered users via Internet browser, can log on to the network examination system.(3) with seriousness and impartiality, the system provides automatic feature ena...

medical store managemant system

Medical shop Management system  Overview:- It is the complete medical shop management software is so designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals. The main feature includes invoicing, inventory and stock control, accounting, client and vendor management.  This softwar...

Shop7z online shopping system

Application backgroundShop7z online shopping system is the leading online shop platform software ASP. Products with unique flexibility and scalability, to meet the different needs of the industry, with strong functions, high security, intelligent, flexible, and so on.Key TechnologyProduct design, ac...

This is a very good program in the world.

Application backgroundApplication background: (tip: at least 50 words. Please improve the application background description, the more detailed, download the more. Application background: (tip: at least 50 words. Please improve the application background description, the more detailed, download the...

Modify password and manage role code ASP

Application backgroundThis code is written in.Net ASP language, is based on the B/S architecture to facilitate the rapid changes in the ASP language users to modify the password. Personalized management interface. Code reduction, no redundancy.Key TechnologyThe ASP.NET code written in the revised co...

The student download 3 GXP Revised Edition

Application backgroundIntroduction:  This is actually the 3 student. I just changed my pages only, look good, oh you like if you download a go. Copyright is scholar of the ...

Westerly website v2.1

Application backgroundIntroduction:  Use ASPEMail password query automatic reply, 88*31Logo landing, self - password, the site can be modified after landing on the site....


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