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ASP to restart the server and PING functions

Application backgroundTo restart or shut down the remote server in ASP, components and Ping functions, can be achieved from domain name to IP conversion!  ...

ASP prepared using BP network

Application backgroundCode name:   written by ASP   BP network;Date:   2000-8-28; ASP; >  Total download times: 434 file size:   40KB;Applicable environment: Unix/WINNT rating:    Upload:   Roland; download address: click here to download  Results: no &nb...

Tqcms enterprise management system

Application backgroundTqcms enterprise management system is a asp+access development of free enterprise web site source code, the software is easy to use, fast and easy to manage without worry; template engine, so that DIY is so simple; reasonable data storage, efficiency and performance is the bigg...

Zblogasp version of the ytcms

Application backgroundBecause it seems that a lot of hosts with ytcms will be a variety of inexplicable errors. So...... Tianxing studio zblogasp theme or many are dependent plug-in ytcms, so in the station to download address of a ytcms, need to directly on the page to download the PS:ytcms version...


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