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Second-hand management system

Students for each campus has a lot of idle resources can not be fully utilized, this paper, a campus network based on C2C trading platform design and development program.The system applied the DataBase and ASP technology, from requirements analysis, database design to maintenance, interface design,...

ASP website templates site-wide CMS back-end database

Environment: Microsoft IIS5.1+ (Netbox, small tornadoes and other unofficial service environment is not supported)Development language: ASP+ACCESSLicense: freeProgram cost: freeExpiration date: lifeNumber of sites: no limitationTechnical service: noneDefault management: user n...

ASP Shopping site with Admin option

ASP Shopping site with Admin option. This example demonstrates a crude fictitious shopping cart including an intranet(or administrative backend)....

Online Recruitment System

It is an online Recruitment Managment System where the Job Seekers can get Job.   Every Job Seeker will login to theire account and update his information he can create his cv . He will Apply for the Job. can search multiple Job there. The Admin will have all the list of the Job seekers who hav...

Baby auction system V11.0

'========================================================='///// baby BBRv11.0///// auction system'Copyright (C 2004-2013'All Rights Reserved.'Script written by X.T.'Web Site:'Email:'QQ: 16309780380256'====================================================...


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