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SMS cat ASP development samples

<% ' Using the controls in the ASP considerations '1, alasunsmscon.ocx this to set the correct file permissions, setting "IUSR_ machine name" this user has execute permissions, otherwise it will complain "Server.CreateObject Access error". ' After the permissions have been set, need to restart...

Graduation project management system, the various functions of students, teachers, and administrators.

Graduation project management system, the various functions of students, teachers, and administrators....


asp最新宠物狗源代码  --做宠物店的神器哦!...

Questionnaire system

A simple survey system, can be used as a simple reference, intermediate processing more streamlined code, developed using aspx and IIS released...

Invoicing WEB Professional (ASP+MySOL)

I. operating environment requirements: Asp+MSSQLII. installation steps:1th step: "upload" the installation package to upload all the files and the directory structure of the server.2nd step: "IE settings" to open the "IE" and "Internet Properties"-> "s...

Virtual point source video chat video chat website source code full background

1, this procedure is the full version of the fake video programs. 2. procedures have improved the buckle systems, YeePay interface...

Enterprise time and attendance management system

  With advances in modern technology, using computers to attendance management has become an indispensable part of modern enterprise operation. Attendance work used to be done by the artificial, making it a waste of manpower and resources, and preparation and transparency cannot be guaranteed,...

CMS system We7 CMS open source and open the plug-in

We7 CMS is the first domestic has also based on open source and openplugin for CMS system. We7 CMS is part of the system of We7 website group,We7 CMS can quickly upgrade to the website group...

Millions view website management system v2.8

Million-view website management system Description: Millions view website management system is intended for Web site management system for SMEs, page fine, atmosphere. Strong stability, functionality, safety, code, quick to load, easy operation, easy maintenance of Web site content management...

Flowers shopping sites

The front desk can be user registration and buying flowers online  Back-office functions are:  Published News manage advertising image upload  Product Categories partial picture upload station information management Payment & Delivery Management  Log items to add commod...

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