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Online shopping mall

E day online mall system technology co., LTDClassification has a home page, new products, all the goods, shop agents, data download and store agent, online consultation.The default account: admins default password: admins...

Wind flow ASP.NET framework for Enterprise Edition

specific code file, so as to reduce the amount of duplicationRich plugin, in the framework of integrated messaging platforms, customer management pluginNote:Development environment for Visual Studio 2010, the database is SQL Server 2008r2, attach the database file in the DB_51aspx folder on the line...

An ASP customer service system

An ASP customer service system, perfected and removing the restrictions and beautify the parts and complete the source code cannot be used, the entire system, suitable for all types of customer services, which facilitate user login, you can download easy login KF.EXE!...

Web chat detailed production

Here introduces how to use VB to develop simple chat rooms using the Application object, and Session objects, and global application class, a simple chat room....

job portal

Web based projects available here for mca, cse, bca students are implemented in, with source code and project report.This category consists of web based projects which are developed in .net platform. Here you can download entire project report source code and ppt...

Telephone Company Customer Support Asp.Net Project Source Code

Telephone company customer support project is implemented in platform.             This project is usefull for every telecom service provider for             communicating with customers by answering to there requests on new  ...

Teacher performance appraisal management

family:宋体;font-size:small;"> 本系统依照《某中学教职工绩效考核办法》,参考了各类学校管理软件的精华,溶入了各自的优点并采纳学校领导、教师的宝贵建议,真正地从实用需求出发,设计理念极为人性化。具有很强的通用...

JumbotOA source code

space:nowrap;">jumbotOA 源码主要功能:人员管理:人员列表 添加管理员,添加主管及员工职员考核:可以设置考核模块及具体内容,设置评分标准及备注员工个人考勤:上班登记,下班登记,外出登记,病假,出差等站内短信:收件... shopping website design

The site contains a database, this is purely upload aspx code, after checking if there are comrades need detailed and complete content may notice I uploaded...

Send email when button clicked") ;smtpClient.Send(mailMessage) ;} 保护 void ResetPassword (对象发件人、 EventArgs e) {substring () ;如果 (finalString! = null) {SqlConnection conReset = 新 SqlConnection (ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings ["connMSJ"]。ConnectionString) ;SqlCommand cmdReset =...

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