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Wine website templates

About Alcohol website templates, do one.Now share it, you can download their own needsThe entire contents of the complete station, you can change the contents inside to suit your needs...

Travel tour website

Travel tour allows check tour,view tour,book .....use SQL Server R2 2008 and VS 2010 3 layer...

travel website

This Asp.Net Project is Based on the a travel agency that provide tourism guide to the users.This system provides different access rights and login for the users such as administrator, travel agency and registered members. The proposed system helps the Administrator to configure the basic settings d...

Hotel Management System

Application backgroundThis system is a hotel room management system, the main functions include: user login, user management, guest room management, room inquiries, convenient check-out, financial management, system settings, and other functions of the basic functions of online room management syste...

ASP.NET shopping website

And source characteristicsThree-tier development with the typical, including shopping carts, login registration, personalization centers, message boards, news, front page, Admin, etcSecond, the functionSource is a three-storey shopping website source code, functional, attractive interface is simple,...

Fingerprint identification ASP system

Application backgroundFingerprint registrationFingerprint comparison (1:N, 1:1)Support for multiple browsers: IE/Chrome/FireFox/Opera, etc.Key TechnologySupport for a variety of fingerprint devices: optical, semiconductor, sliding chip.Support for the development of fingerprint attendance, fingerpri...

Message board system

Application backgroundThe database part is written in the storage process. Data submission, the use of the Ajax post jQuery approach to the general processing procedures for processing.Key Technology  a message board source code, the user through the login name for different rights, welcome to...

Micro channel multi-user mall program

Application backgroundBingSNS micro channel multi user store program can for derivative users to achieve the function of set up shop in the mobile terminal, opened the supply shop can also reopen distribution outlets, each distribution outlets are independent, mode of operation is similar to the lyn...

Asp+access student information management

Application backgroundAsp+access student information management, the head teacher at any time you can log in to your class, modify the student 36 information, disease preservationKey TechnologyManagement allows the user to view the entire student information, student photo unified student ID Name: 3...

Many computer online supermarket

Application backgroundIntroduction:  This is a steed computer online stores online computer sales system, is a professional online shopping system, the realization of the function of a similar process and 8848 websites, only but the topic is stronger. ...

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