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Insert, Delete, Update in Grid View using ASP.NET

Insert, Delete, Update in Grid View using ASP.NET1.As we don't want to use datasource controls. Please delete "Object Data Source1" control from the webform.2. Delete Data Source ID="Object Data ource1" from Grid View1. This should remove the dependency of Grid VIew1 on Object Da...

Snake game on .net

Snake game is most popular game..herei develop this game in asp.netAs with the study its good to do work.At one this lest do 2 is the code of game which write in the is easy to understand and its running condition..So enjoy ur study with fun....

myreview product project in

this project of my review that is login and product view ease: Codes without good description will be deleted and you won't get any points. Please describe it better to get more points....

online matrimonial

 this is online  matrimonial site. i have attached whole website . this is useful for marriage  alliance  . this is useful for developer learning new projects. it is  detail description  of matrimonial....

Student management system

Student management system is a software which is needful in maintaining and updating the student record in a school....


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