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apriori algorithm in asp

this is a web service asp to use apriori algorithm and used to derive the association rules in which we can use in many market basket analysis,banks and etc,also they are very important in data mining and its respective sectors...

Library management system

Easy online book management system using ASP.NET development, beginners can learn from. There are also some small feature ~!...

hangman game

it is  an gaming code. hanman game. it is a mobile  application....


This is a new type of rural cooperative medical care after the code that you submit through the audit you can earn points, only real and practical, describes the detailed source code can be approved. Please fill in the following information....

Mobile showroom software

This is Online Mobile Showroom Software. Here the customers can view all types of mobile images which are there in the showroom. If the customers like the mobile, then they can even view the rates of the mobiles. The customers can purchase multiple mobiles at a time. they can add each mobile...

Ayer-anba School Management System

This is information system based on Elementary and intermediate school. the program is very simple it can register courses, add student, find student, update student, or delete student. at the same time it has the login and different authentications for the normal user, the registrar and the school...

easy exam online web application

easy exam is a  web application in and database is in mssql server. its look and feel is superb quality and good use of css design. it has login system for students and admin . Admin an set question and correct answer for students and time duration for the same....

Asp personal diary

Application backgroundIntroduction:  Modify the dbcon.asp inside the database absolute path, so that it points to your database file. Run this program requires ASP access to the host and SQL database....


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