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touchpos oint of sale

utouchPOS systems offers brand name new and refurbished point of sale systems with value added hardware and software combinations for a broad field of industries such as retail, restaurant (both sit down and counter sales), beauty salons and nail bars, consignment stores, campgrounds and grocery sys...

Online school performance and processing portal

Application backgroundOnline School Result And Processing Portal is an ASPX with VB back-end code and MSSQL database which consist of Server side and a client side that student result upload and student result viewing. It is aimed at assisting and technologizing result processing for schools and...

Information paid advertising management system

Application backgroundThis is a paid advertisement management system, management code, simple and convenient; support the general picture of the advertising and third-party ad code; advertising independent IP display and rinse statistics new volume statistics; advertising independent IP click statis...

MRV pop-up calendar program

Application backgroundVery good calendar program, you must have encountered such a situation: to provide such a service, the user enter a date, and then pop up this month calendar for your reference. How, want this function? Then download it, but you need to understand the technology, it is the use...

I love the software network of rivers and lakes

Application backgroundIntroduction:  There is an animation and new generation of animation...

Time Tracking App Build

Application backgroundTime Tracking App Build, with ASP to write, to have the HTML based students can come down to see, but it is the basis of the content, it should be easy to see....

Western software download system ASP version

Application backgroundWestern software download system ASP version, it is through the improvement, the team ASP help, we can learn about it....


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