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online movie support system

Welcome to newly designed website cinema ticket booking is a faster, cleaner and a tad more personal website, specially designed to make your booking experience better. Log on, navigate and find out for yourselves and if time permits leave your valuable feedback. You need to register a new user when...

10 sets of website background system management HTML templates

Several attractive background management system templates, CSS layouts, insert the JS code can be directly downloaded form 01 Web project, software project management interface 02 03, website background management system interface, system admin page. rar04, farmers ' rating system system HTML templa...

Dobby graphical controls -Web workflow designer

Application backgroundDobby graphical controls is a based on Web vector graphics controls, similar to Visio controls on a web page, is currently at home and abroad the best web designer workflow, workflow monitor based on solutions.  Key TechnologyCan be widely used in electric power, military...

HTML+CSS sample

This html+CSS the most basic applications using most browsers support CSS based, simple to use, the best way to learn CSS, hope can be downloaded there was support for this document...

webtop Tencent html5 development tools

AlloyDesktop is a web page as software that can run on a desktop app development engine. The engine implements a transparent rendering of web pages, web pages are no longer limited to the confines of the browser. At the same time, provide a powerful api support, so you can easily fail to realize man...

CGPA Calculator

The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average} is the cumulative aggregation of your GPA of all semesters you have studied. Divide the total points by the total credits taken to get your semester grade point average. GPA: Divide the total points by the total credits taken to obtain your semeste...

Push Notification For Windows, iOS & Android - Quick, Easy and Flexible

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Sunasara Imdadhusen@CodeProjectFlexiPush is basically developed for Developer and Tester who will be developing and testing the apps with push notification features. The team (Developer and Tester) wanted to verify certain use cases which will depends on the...

Win8 effect-like HTML5 interface

Win8 HTML5-like interface to use questions:1, as the majority of Web sites are in English Web site, some friend for some templates, modify the navigation into Chinese characters which Previews appear blank at the front desk, in English onlyAnd numbers will take effect only at the front desk. &n...

Classic login form is submitted to static HTML pages

Including applications for registration, forgotten passwords, login, submit, multifunctional form of static HTML pages, such as templates, done by the HTML and the CSS language, structured comments make clear, is imitative learning to share....

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