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Session Tracking

Using sessions in servlets is straightforward and involves four basic steps. Here is a summary:Accessing the session object associated with the current request. Call request.getSession to get an HttpSession object, which is a simple hash table for storing user-specific data.Looking up information as...

digital clock using jquery

it was developed by me for having fun with jquery and css. i was developed this project for developing a game but unfortunately i was stopped develop game. now i am developing face detection application using python i need your code for help. if you provide your code to me i will send my code to you...

Simple HTML form

Application backgroundA simple form with bootstrap with database interaction.Key TechnologyHTML5 basic in asociation with Javascript, CSS and MySQL....

Some examples of XML

Application backgroundExample of using dtd file in XML.    Key TechnologyStudy XML with some example like this. Its helpful for newbie....

Web Design

Application backgroundInstruction Home page. Another page is about singer instruction and allow users to play music. One page can be used to make order and update prices. Another page can be used to leave comments. Key TechnologyJavascript can be used to check form format. Using CSS to design t...


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