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Panoramic spherical model

Application backgroundThe application implements spherical model, can be carried out after the eye diagram, the fisheye image sticking to the spherical model. And then the application will display the three-dimensional panorama. This is an application written in flash....

Snakes and Ladders - An attempt using HTML5

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Manas Bhardwaj@CodeProject Introduction This article is intended to demonstrate the very simple and crude implementation of Snakes and Ladders game using HTML5. Recently, I started to dig deeper into HTML5. By the time I came to canvas part, this game was o...

Good B Yale face database

Application backgroundFace recognition and uneven illumination according to the influence is great and the extended yale face database B is specifically for the problem of light shooting of a group of nine kinds of attitude and 64 kinds of illumination conditions of the face database for face recogn...

Access management system for water and electricity charges

Peak trombone Private _Click Sub cmd query () On Error GoTo Err_cmd query _Click Dim strWhere As String' defined criteria string StrWhere= "" ' set initial value-an empty string ' Judge "personnel ID" condition has the input value If Not IsNull (Me. personal ID) Then ' Input StrWhere=...

Pretty Hover Effects with CSS3 and jQuery

Pretty Hover Effects with CSS3 and jQuery  Hover your cursor in each image below. Note that if you're using IE - you're not seeing the rest of the styles due to lack of CSS3 property support....


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