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sky colored

web page is designed by using of html.The front page will be designed at first then we can modify this with our needs .Its very useful for our design page....

schooling website

This project is based on a particular schooling details... :) Registering an exam is a tedious process, were the person has to go to the spot to register the exam, and reduces the performance measures like accuracy, data consistency, time consumption and data loss. The person who conducts the exam h...

company website

SRM Software Labs is established in 2012, passionate about open source software development, training and consultancy services. We facilitate and deliver a range of instructor led technical training and certification courses to suit learner needs. We have a cadre of qualified and experienced trainer...

A personal blog, photo animation


Bootstrap Tutorial


Paint Online

pos="0|11" right-pos="0|11" space="" style="font-family:arial;color:#333333;font-size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">这是我刚收集的来源…我想和大家分享…对不起你,B / C我不记得原链接…很抱歉…...

IE 7+ test embed tag

This is a summary of their test after a long time can run more than ie7 + music player needs to solve some common web development I hope everyone likes...

Online Address Book

It is a simple online Address Book used to store your contact information on internet. It is developed using codeigniter framework. It contains Registration and Login form....

Niazi Express

Bus Services Do you need to transport an important document, parcel or package? Demonstrating our commitment to providing Pakistan with the best coach service available, Niazi Express now offers a parcel delivery service between any of our Niazi Express Terminal nationwide. As N...

Aquisition of dadodo

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">该文档描述中获得 dadodo,独立的变量为微控制器的使用测量,使用微控制器和数模转换器...

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