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Community health service system

This is the. NET community health service management system written by Web site, also the school's curriculum, defragment the hard disk when a file is found, now share it. All file code is complete. Database type MS SQLServer...

sky colored

web page is designed by using of html.The front page will be designed at first then we can modify this with our needs .Its very useful for our design page....

schooling website

This project is based on a particular schooling details... :) Registering an exam is a tedious process, were the person has to go to the spot to register the exam, and reduces the performance measures like accuracy, data consistency, time consumption and data loss. The person who conducts the exam h...

company website

SRM Software Labs is established in 2012, passionate about open source software development, training and consultancy services. We facilitate and deliver a range of instructor led technical training and certification courses to suit learner needs. We have a cadre of qualified and experienced trainer...

A personal blog, photo animation

Personal blog, other people can see your space news, there are pictures of the process, photo link appropriate benefits here can not only see the personal blog of knowledge, you can also learn picture handling, handling of personal blog has a video, animation is a hard color to wear appropriately, m...

Bootstrap Tutorial

Bootstrap has a few easy ways to quickly get started, each one appealing to a different skill level and use case. Read through to see what suits your particular needs....

Paint Online

this is the source which i have just collected... i want to share it with all... Sorry for you, b/c i don't remember orignal link... so sorry......

IE 7+ test embed tag

This is a summary of their test after a long time can run more than ie7 + music player needs to solve some common web development I hope everyone likes...

Web design (HTML,CSS)

Web production base: making html interface using the basic syntax of using css no actual functional interface can be a preliminary understanding of the content of web pages open...

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