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Clothing Store Website

Website for online shopping using jquery effects. The user can display images on clothes in certain categories and put description and prices. Website can filter by type and size.  Very nice for an online clothing store or other....

HTML5-Slide show

HTML5 Slide show , this html5-slide show code help you to add slide show in your website. in pictures/image folder you can easily add your pictures .  today mosly web development front end language is HTML with CSS . after HTML new tangs are added in HTML5 and also stilll workings on...

Firefox all landscaping

Piccsy-Firefox orange. CSS to beautify the Firefox interface, including menu bar, title bar, navigation bar, add-ons management bar and the bookmarks bar, landscaping...

radio cab system customer regestration

this is the source code of online can regestration that will surely help to regerster the can login you can perform the regestration and this site have the loh=gin pannels also....


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