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assembly language

assembly language-enrichment Guide ~ ~! For beginners, so as soon as you enter the field of compilation....

汇编语言问题以及说明文档 详细的汇编语言学习资料

Assembly language issues as well as detailed documentation of the assembly language learning materials...


HTML is an integral part of the main page, is basically a Web page is composed by the HTML language, so to learn how to build web site must be from the web site from the basic linguistics....

Including a wide range of 12,864 drivers, a useful 51 written have other compila...

Including a wide range of 12,864 drivers, a useful 51 written have other compilation, and they hope to have everyone help...

8259A中断控制器实验 253A的计数器0为工作方式0,装入时间常数FFFFH,结束中断时显示信息:8253A INTERRUPT EXPERIMENT!...

8259A interrupt controller experimental 253A of counter 0 0 way to work, the time constant FFFFH loaded to end disruption to display information : 8253A INTERRUPT EXPERIMENT!...


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