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LabVIEW-based voice changer

Speech is one of the characteristics, different people have different voices, but in some special cases, people want to change your voice to hide their identity. Voice modulation technology came into being, by changing the frequency and amplitude of the sound changing sound purposes. This work by so...

Voice recognition based on Labview

Speech recognition programs based on LABVIEW module, complete identification, filtering, sound recording, features such as feature extraction...

Labview control stepper motors

Labview control stepper motors, mainly is to control a stepper motor. Motor to accelerate, decelerate, a constant speed, and so on. Personally, I think more suitable for beginners. Beginners can take a look at this example, have some relevant knowledge. In fact, I'm a beginner, and think this case i...

USB video capture program (software:LabVIEW)

provide simple uses of the webcam library are included in the zip file. Once the library has been installed, the examples can be accessed through the user menu on the function palette in LabVIEW. The examples demonstrate the following: • Single shot image capture and display • Continuous ima...

Labview signal generator and processor

family:宋体;font-size:14px;">用LabVIEW编制一个完整应用软件,完成以下功能: 1、产生一个正弦波,叠加一个噪声信号,从界面上可以调整噪声和信号的幅度、频率等参数,此信号作为后续分析的信号源; 2、显示信...


LabVIEW controls the use of tree, tree controls to add and display content...

LabVIEW TCP/IP communications program

height:21px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 在 LabVIEW In the TCP can be used to achieve TCP-based protocol LAN communication, under the section FUNCTION/COMMUNICATION/TCP, which is divided into three parts: Connection point: used to establish the communication between client an...

NI Vision based image recognition

size:14px;">这是一套简单的能动态、自动识别图片中信息的代码。它基于Labview的NI Vision(视觉与运动)模块,可以调用USB摄像头或笔记本摄像头获取原图,然后选中原图中的信息作为模板进行学习。学习完成后再用摄像头拍摄,La...

Virtual oscilloscope

The design for the dual channel virtual oscilloscope using LabVIEW DAQ technology, you can make the channel settings, time base selection, features such as trigger settings, have the function of general purpose oscilloscope, hope you learn from each other and make progress together!...


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