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Virtual oscilloscope

The design for the dual channel virtual oscilloscope using LabVIEW DAQ technology, you can make the channel settings, time base selection, features such as trigger settings, have the function of general purpose oscilloscope, hope you learn from each other and make progress together!...

Calculator, labview

A Graphical Calculator which support all basic arithmetic operations. Excellent for education progress with LabView....

List box - scrollbars update (LV8.6).Vi

-Scroll the list box updated (LV8.6). vi,LAVIEW on the use of a multiple-column list box, during use, the scroll bar update...

LabVIEW Development string mouth

Based on LabVIEWMake your own serial debugging assistant...

Bearing vibration signal data acquisition and data analysis in time and frequency domain

Bearing vibration signal data acquisition and data analysis in time and frequency domain, interface, very easy to use, we learn ... ......

Labview virtual oscilloscope program

Application background4 channel virtual oscilloscope NI acquisition card or similar based on data acquisition card, the interface is very beautiful, imitation is the 4 channel Tektronix oscilloscope, with data acquisition card, can be used as a nice oscilloscope....

LabVIEW sound input to save


RS232 serial communication

For serial communications, based on proteus and LabVIEW. Produced by proteus virtual voltage sent to the  LabVIEW through the serial port, so LabVIEW access to external signals through processing, voltage acquisition,  in order to make a real-time monitoring interface...

Lottery procedures

Year-end Lottery programs, can also be used in the classroom the students ' names. This program can be referred to as "random named Assistant" is a good helper of the University teachers, it can randomly to students of the avatar scrolling display, click stop, so as to achieve the goal of...

Written by LabVIEW PC

Helping teachers with a host computer can draw curve curve follows the sine curves to adjust the PID parameter in real time including dynamic stress and displacement response curve of the system can be set according to PC or displacement is sinusoidal follow mobile frequency of sinusoidal amplitude...


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